Tentative Seniority Lists of Teachers for promotion updated as on 30-01-2023
1  SA SOCIAL GOVT UM.xlsx Download
2  SA BIO SCI TM GOVT.xlsx Download
3  MATHS GOVT EM.xlsx Download
4  SA MATHS GOVT TM.xlsx Download
5  SA ENG TM LB.xlsx Download
6  SA PHY SCI LB TM.xlsx Download
7  SA MATHS GOVT UM.xlsx Download
8  SA BIO SCI GOVT UM.xlsx Download
9  LFLHM LB TM.xlsx Download
10  SA SOCIAL TM LB.xlsx Download
11  LFL HM Govt..xlsx Download
12  SA GOVTENGLISH.xlsx Download
13  seniority list for the promotio of GHM Gr-II(Local Body & Govt.) revised- NIZMABAD 29.01.2023.xlsx Download
14  SA MATHS TM LB.xlsx Download
15  SA BIO LB UM.xlsx Download
16  SA PHY SCI GOVT TM.xlsx Download
17  SA BIO TM LB.xlsx Download
18  PHY SCI GOVT EM.xlsx Download
19  SA BIO SCI GOVT EM.xlsx Download
20  SA SOCIAL LB UM.xlsx Download
21  SA SOCIAL GOVT TM.xlsx Download

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