Contact List
Sl. No Name of the Employee Designation Cell Number
1 R.Jagan FAO 9849849559
2 Vinod Rao Sectoral Officer 7995567509
3 Vani Supt 9951230208
4 K.Gangadhar Sr. Asst 9948390526
5 K.Srinivas Goud Sr. Asst 9848351255
6 P.Sukesh Kumar Jr.Asst 9985871103
7 Ashraf Ali APO 9849388177
8 K.Pushpa Sys Analyst 9949329606
9 Prasad Goud DLMT 9989389946
10 Gopal Site Engineer 9492160578
11 Attar Ahmad Site Engineer 9059379067
12 Ganesh Site Engineer 9440234609
13 Vamshi Krishna Site Engineer 9849379905
14 O.Laxmi Narsaiah Site Engineer 9908892227
15 D.Santosh Site Engineer 9848581305
16 V.John Satya Paul CO 9063981253
17 K.Ravi Kiran CO 8885688854
18 Syed Mujeeboddin Attender 9490059881
19 M.Raghuveer Attender 9912375299
20 R.Shiva Krishna Attender 9640170119
21 M.A.Mateen Attender 9494635239

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